NWS Tool Finish Codes     ex 138-49-200
10 - Sand blasted
11 - Japanned - Head polished
Handles plastic coated
19-Steel with 2 component handles
42 - Mat chromium plated
Handles plastic coated
43 - Mat chromium plated
Handles multi layered insulation
according to EN 60900
49 - Mat chromium plated
SoftGripp 3-components handles
Color: black-yellow-grey
49-VDE - Mat chromium plated
SoftGripp 2-components safety handles
according to EN 60900
color: red-yellow
52 - Chromium plated - head polished
Handles plastic coated
62 - Titan Finish-PTFE coating (Teflon)
Handles plastic coated
69 - Titan Finish-PTFE coating (Teflon)
SoftGripp 3-components handles
Color: red-black-grey
72 - Micro-polished (MicroFinish)
Handles plastic coated
79 - Micro-polished (MicroFinish)
2-components ESD handles
Color: black-yellow
SA - Stainless - Antimagnetic - Acid proof - Anti-dazzle
NI - High grade refined - Polished and finely nickel-plated
ESD - ESD - dissipative
In order to protect electrostatic sensitive devices
against damages and to avoid defects in the circuit,
the electronic pliers with ESD-handles abduct
the electrostatic energy that is caused by working  
with electronic devices.